Canadian Military and DND Firefighters Visit Us At Our New Forum IgniObstare

This website has been online since April 1999 supporting our Canadian Defence Fire Service Firefighter family in an unofficial capacity. We want to thank all Firefighters and family members who have supported us over the years. After nearly 19 years, the administrators have decided to retire We have great memories of our time online and we wish all Firefighters and family members all the best. Thank you.

Paul Landry

Thank You everyone for your support over the years. In regard to Paul’s comments on the Facebook website, both of us are receiving emails on a FB website. It is not us that have this website and we have asked the owners not to use the term FireHouse651 or 651 out of respect to our shutting down.

Facebook is not something we have an interest in. But we may pop-up again somewhere someday sometime. :wink: 

Joe Walker