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Regimental No Rank Name Address Notes
T 174 LFM Acton W. R. Emsdale, Ontario  
T 355 LFM Affleck K. A. Oddfellows Blk., Kenora, Ontario  
T 322 LFM Allen E. R. 11 Armstrong Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 33 LFM Allen L. C. 34 Ivanhoe Rd., Britannia Bay, Ontario  
T 136 LFM Andrewes D. F. 72 Rogers Ave., London, Ontario  
T 15 LFM Andrews E. D. 192 Holmwood Ave., Ottawa, Ontario  
T 142 LFM Armstrong H. H. 454 Hillson Ave., Ottawa, Ontario  
T 18 LFM Armstrong J. No. 17 Fire Hall, Vancouver, BC  
T 175 LFM Armstrong T. A. 227 Ellis Ave. Toronto, Ontario  
T 358 LFM Arnold A. D. A. 382 Sherbrooke Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba  
T 16 LFM Ash D. M. 426 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario  
T 348 LFM Ashenden C. E. 106 King St., Port Colborne, Ontario  
T 180 SL Austin G. R. 439-20 Ave. NW, Calgary, Alberta  
T 259 LFM Balfour A.F 953 Aspen Street, Trail, BC  
T 131 SL Banton F.W. 1309 Tamarac Ave., Trail, BC  
T 301 LFM Barbe R.A. Quarries P.O., Montreal Rd., Ontario  
T 256 LFM Barbeau. R.J.C. 440 Preston Street, Ottawa. Ont  
T 359 LFM Barchard G.B. 121 Evans Ave, Toronto, Ontario  
T 360 LFM Barnet A. C/O A. Barnet & Co. Renfrew, Ontario  
T 148 LFM Barron E.T. 1 Chippawa Street, Welland, Ontario  
T 417 LFM Barron L.F. 762 Ouelette Ave., Windsor, Ontario  
T 123 LFM Bateman E.P. Box 545 Victoria Street, St. Stephen, NB  
T 410 SL Bayliss J.E. 2592 Estevan Ave., Victoria, BC  
T 106 SL Beattie G.W.H. 633 Dundas Street, London, Ontario  
T 32 LFM Beaulne J.M.U. 345 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ontario  
T 160 LFM Beck C.E. 133 Catharines Street, Pt. Colborne ON  
T 254 SL Beenham C.W. 34 Ruby Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba  
T 73 SL Beenham RW. 332 Morley Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba  
T 264 LFM Bell M.M. Box 174, Courtney, British Columbia  
T 352 LFM Belleck H.A. Apt. 52, 175 Broadway, Vancouver, BC  
T 87 LFM Berneche A.D. Postal St. D. Box 175, Windsor, ON  
T 154 LFM Black E.A. Box 2, Lloydminister, Saskatchewan  
T 50 Coy O Blackburn A. 98 Billings Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 408 LFM Blackburn A.S. 766 Winnipeg Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba  
T 199 LFM Blackburn F.R. Noranda, Quebec  
T 109 LFM Blackmore H.H. Box 88, Cardston, Alberta  
T 110 LFM Blackmore J.R. Cardston, Alberta  
T 281 FM Blackmore W.P. Box 43, Lefroy, Ontario  
T 61 SL Blackwell J.H. 18 Lakeshore St. Capreol, Ontario  
T 170 LFM Blancher C.R. 60 Cameron Street N, Kitchener, Ontario  
T 122 LFM Boivin P.E. 151 Papineau Road, Hull, Quebec  
T 232 FM Boivin R.J. 75 Hall Street, Oshawa, Ontario  
T 307 LFM Boulton S.W. 1371/2 N Front Street, Sarnia, Ontario  
T 81 JFM Bower R.A. 10348-93rd Street, Edmonton, Alberta  
T 172 LFM Bowles O.W. 184 Fares Street, Port Colborne, ON  
T 275 LFM Branchaud M. 219 Edmund Street, Sudbury, Ontario  
T 238 SFM Brennan R.E. 2441/2 Guigues Street, Ottawa, Ontario  
T 306 LFM Brillinger N.W. 3234 Millen Street, Windsor, Ontario  
T 93 LFM Brodie J.W. 160 Forest Street, Chatham, Ontario  
T 202 LFM Bronson A.W. Box 142, Beebe, Quebec  
T 19 LFM Brown D.T. 2066 William Street, Vancouver, BC  
T 361 LFM Brown W.H. 132 Ave., H.S. Saskatoon, SK  
T 329 SL Bryan W.G. 107 Maitland Street, London, Ontario  
T 325 LFM Bryce G.C. 134 Emerson Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 176 Coy O Bryce W. 436 Maryland Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba  
T 92 LFM Bryce W. 134 Emerson Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 194 LFM Buchanan A.W. 78 Beckwith St., Smith Falls, Ontario  
T 237 SL Bullick R.A.F. 776 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario  
T 263 SFM Burney E. 195 West 17th Ave., Vancouver, BC  
T 48 LFM Burns J.A. 30 Windsor Ave., Timmins, Ontario  
T 88 LFM Burns K.R. Streetsville, Ontario  
T 200 LFM Burrell G. 1 Aberdeen Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 22 Col O Byrne J.E. Fire Dept. Headquarters, Windsor, ON  
T 294 LFM Cadieux W.A. 22 Rattle Street, London, Ontario  
T 63 LFM Cam I.F. 2560 Drummond Road, Niagara Falls, ON  
T 64 LFM Cam Y.C. 257 Ash Street, Port Colborne, Ontario  
T 395 LFM Cameron R.W. Box 26, Mountain, Ontario  
T 362 LFM Campbell A.G. 156 Bartlett Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 223 FM Campbell F.T. 284 Pacific Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 72 SL Carr W. 358 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba  
T 402 SFM Carrigan L.L. 105 Glen Ave., Ottawa, Ontario  
T 406 LFM Carter G.F. 139 Northcliffe Blvd., Toronto, Ontario  
T 137 SL Casey B.C.D. 2060 Riverside Ave., Trail, BC  
T 419 LFM Cassidy J.A.W. 390 Lutz Street, Moncton, NB  
T 68 LFM Castle G.H. Box 556, 43 Jarvis St. Fort Erie N, ON  
T 41 SL Catterall H. 28 John Street, St Catharines, Ontario  
T 133 LFM Chambers W.J. Exeter, Ontario  
T 159 LFM Chapman G.J. 2 Walnut Street, S. Apt 1, Hamilton, ON  
T 277 SFM Chenoweth W.M. 2000 Scotia Street., Vancouver, BC  
T 5 SL Chevrier R.J.A. 34 Marengere St., Pte Gatineau, Quebec  
T 58 SL Chilton R. 167 Concord Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 363 LFM Chittley F.S. 616 Cedar Street, Dunnville, Ontario  
T 269 LFM Chuter A.J. 9 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario  
T 293 LFM Clapp W.E. 145 Arthur Street, Ottawa, Ontario  
T 79 LFM Clark W. 438 3rd Street, South Kenora, Ontario  
T 354 LFM Cleary A. Box 387, Renfrew, Ontario  
T 192 LFM Clusiault L.G. Box 81, Duparquet, Quebec  
T 261 Coy O Coates H.G. 2224 Lens Ave., Windsor, Ontario  
T 316 LFM Cohen B. 1035 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario  
T 193 LFM Conners J.J. Box 1103, Smiths Falls, Ontario  
T 364 LFM Cook A. 307 Cowan Ave., Toronto, Ontario  
T 67 LFM Cook A. 293 Edmund Street, Sudbury, Ontario  
T 347 LFM Cook W.H. 232 West St. Port Colborne, Ontario  
T 396 LFM Cooper H.A. 85 Ainslie Street, S., Galt, Ontario  
T 220 SL Cooper J. 418 33rd St. W. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  
T 342 SL Coperman D.M. 1804 Kildare Road, Windsor, Ontario  
T 11 LFM Coughlan R.W. Chapeau, Quebec  
T 291 LFM Couillard J.A. Nepean Fire Dept., Westboro, Ontario  
T 112 FM Coull J.S. 110 Young St., Winnipeg, MB Killed On Duty
T 414 LFM Coulson G.W. Apt. 104, 737 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON  

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