LFM Stewart Alexander McKenna Corp Of Canadian Fire Fighters

Leading Fireman Stewart Alexander McKenna, Serial Number T 82

Stewart Alexander McKenna was born August 15,1907 in Toronto Ontario and moved to the village of Long Branch Ontario in 1914. In 1932 he married Miss Mary Hawksworth of Long Branch. He joined the Long Branch Fire Department as a volunteer in 1934 and became the Chief in 1938. By December of 1940 Alex and Marie had three girls and one boy. When war broke out he tried to enlist in the Army, Navy and Air Force but the forces at that time would allow for four children. Early in 1941 the call went out across Canada for fire fighters to volunteer to join an elite group who would be sent to Britain to help England to defend against the bombing campaign of the German Luftwaffe. Alex was accepted for overseas duty and assigned to No. 2 Company of the Corps of Canadian Overseas Fire Fighters on the 9th day of May 1942 with the rank of Leading Fireman ( Staff Sergeant). On October 9th 1942 he arrived in England and served in Portsmouth and Southampton until his return to Canada in May of 1945.

Upon his return to Canada the position of Chief, Long Branch Fire Department was made into a full time position but the pay offered would not be sufficient to support his family and so he entered the trade of Stationary
Engineer and reached the level of Second Grade Engineer by 1952. 

Alex passed away on December 28th, 1982 at the age of 75 leaving his loving wife Marie, daughters Shirley, Dorothy, Bernice, Linda and son Alex. At the time of his passing Alex and Marie had 19 grandchildren and 19 great