Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


            The Images of Denis Samuel Posten  
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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Part I ... London And Plymouth Bomb And Fire Destruction
(diary entries of Sam Posten in quotations)

"November 4, 1942 - Had fire at Yelverton, plane crash, awful sight, spent a bad night of sleep."

"May 15, 1943 - Planes dropped bombs at 12:30 P.M."

"May 30, 1943 - Raid, 15 enemy bombers came over, killing people on beach, 4 planes shot down."

"June 13, 1943 - Plymouth blitzed, bombing started at 12:30, Germans raided Plymouth, a horrible night on duty. Fighting fires for two days, many dead and damage terrible."

"May 17, 1943 - Air raid alert lasted 1 hour and half, 2:30 A.M."

"February 26, 1943 - Had air raid alert, German planes overhead, dog fight, three brought down."



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