Corp Of Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Corp of Canadian Firefighters In England WW II

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LFM Gordon Clarke Bryce - Toronto Ontario

Left to right: William Bryce, Pete Blackmore and Gordon Bryce January 15, 1943

Fire Fighter Emblem located at Southampton England

Paul, The only two I can identify are my father (first man on left, second last row) and my uncle (same row, second last man on right). Elaine (Note) - This photograph posted by the Bryce family showing No. 2 Company shows my dad in the third row 5th from the right. Stewart Alexander McKenna and his rank was Leading Fireman and his serial number was T82. - Alex McKenna 

Donated By Elaine Bryce, daughter of Gordon Clarke Bryce

Bournemouth 1943

This was recreation time for the fire fighters taken in Southampton.
Front row: Sixth from left Bill Bryce
Back row: Eighth from left Gord Bryce



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