Corp Of Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Corp of Canadian Firefighters In England WW II

NEW July 17, 2007

The new book about Britain's Fire Service during World War Two which includes as its main feature, the story of the Corps of Canadian Firefighters will now be available in January. The publishers have decided to print in hardback rather than paperback as was originally planned. The cover price will be UK£ 14.95 plus shipping at the standard rate. Advance orders can be placed from October 1st 2007 by email to You will not be asked to send any money at the time of reservation. Attention of John Leete.

August 2006 

Hello and greetings from England  

I am a Researcher, published Author and Historian.  

My specialist subject is Britain ís Home Front during World War Two. In 2003 I acted as an advisor to film makers who produced a documentary about the nationís fire service during the war years and it was then that I became aware of the crucial role played by members of the Corps of Canadian Firefighters.  

I am now writing a definitive new account of the wartime fire service and I am including one if not more chapters on the Canadianís. With this in mind I would really welcome contact from anyone who can provide any information about members of the Corps and this request is of course particularly relevant to families of the men who served in England . Photographs and documents, such as letters, theatre tickets and so on can, with permission of course, be scanned for possible inclusion in my book. If you can help in any way, I would be very grateful. If you have already placed information on the web site, may I use this as a resource please?  

I have been fortunate enough to get to know several Canadians who have, like me, a fascination with the story of the Corps and I am most grateful for all the information and encouragement provided so far. However the story is little known in Britain and my book will rectify that.  

I am very happy to assist in return with obtaining information or undertaking research over here, for example, I have helpful contacts with several senior Fire Officers in the UK and access to archive material. Incidentally, I live within one hourís drive of Testwood, Southampton, which was the main reception centre for the Canadians in 1942. The building (a school) still stands today and one local resident used to serve meals in the reception centre canteen. She remembers the Canadians with affection.  

Sincere regards  

John Leete


Tel 44 77 483 10996

My letter is attached together with a photograph of May Belbin who I mention in my letter. She was an NFS cook who served at TESTWOOD and she remembers the Canadians well. She served in the Mobile Kitchen/Canteen which the Canadians donated and which served at Testwood and other locations.
May is still alive and lives just yards from Testwood!!



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