Corp Of Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Part IX . . . Other Fire Fighters

LFM Harry George Lapthorn - Charlottetown P.E.I.
Photograph donated by Susan McDonald (Lapthorn)

My father, Harry Lapthorn, died July 12, 1996 the age of 82. He was born Jan. 2, 1914. He's buried in the People's Cemetery here in Charlottetown. There was a Legion Remembrance Service held at his funeral. 
I'm afraid I can't tell you a darn thing about his time overseas. There's no one for me to even ask, which is frustrating. I guess he was no different then most of the people who were in ww 2 ... he never talked about it .... at least not around home. He probably talked about it to his buddies at the Legion.
The ONLY thing I ever remember him saying about England was chocolates from Bristol. He loved chocolates and thought they had the best ones! I never gave much thought to that remark (which he often mentioned) until this summer when I started to wonder WHERE in England he had been. I started looking on the net for something about it and stumbled upon the firehouse site about 3 weeks ago. I see that Bristol is one of the cities they went to ..... so now I am guessing that's where he was. I asked an aunt (on my mother's side) if she knew where he was, but even she just knew it was England .. nothing more.
I've been told I can write for his service records, so I may do that sometime this fall. 
The badge from his hat is on display down at the war museum at the armoury down by the waterfront  He had me tear the house to bits before he died trying to find it so he could give it to them. I didn't manage to find it until AFTER he died, but at least I was able to have it put in the place he wanted it to be.

LFM Harry Lapthorn Corp memorabilia on display at the Prince Edward Island Regiment Armoury in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Photos donated by Susan McDonald, daughter of Harry Lapthorn



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