Corp of Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


      The Images of Denis Samuel Posten
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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Part VI . . . Lighter Moments
(diary entries of Sam Posten in quotations)

Articles most likely from a local, Plymouth newspaper

Mitzi Will Go To Canada

When the Canadian firemen stationed in Plymouth go home they hope to take their mascot with them. She is Mitzi, a part-Alsatian, adopted by the firemen nearly two years ago.

Mitzi, like most mongrels, is intelligent, and knows what the sound of different bells mean. In particular she responds at once to the dinner gong and makes sure of her share.

When the alarm sounds she gets most excited and barks hard. More than once Mitzi has made a bid to go with the fire fighters, but she is usually left behind: she might be more hindrance than help. She has a passion for candy and chewing gum.

At Torre she has been specially cared for by Leading Fireman Clarence Beck. Some months ago she had a litter of puppies, all of which found good homes.

MITZI, pet of Canadian Fire Fighters, which they are taking from Plymouth to Canada with them when they return home shortly. The Canadians bought Mitzi in this country for 15s.


July 9, 1943

The National Fire Service held their annual competitions for teams representing the various fire areas in the Southern Region on Saturday, June 26, at Reading. In the regional Finals of the large trailer pump competitions two teams composed of personnel from the Corps of Canadian Fire Fighters from Portsmouth and Southampton enjoyed the distinction of representing Areas 14 and 16 respectively, while Area 15 was represented by an N.F.S. team from Oxford.The Canadian teams had qualified for participation in the finals, through their victories gained in both Divisional and Fire Force Semi-final Competitions, and each team proved itself a worthy representative of its respective area, as well as of the entire Canadian Fire Fighter Corps. The competition, which was a five-man large trailer pump drill, was won by the Southampton team, which completed the drill in the particularly fast time of 1 min. 35 1/5 secs. The Portsmouth team was unfortunate in the fact that it was only successful in upsetting one target, and was therefore disqualified by the judges for an incomplete drill.

The names of the personnel of the Canadian teams appear below: Southampton Sec. Ldr. Joseph R. Miller (South Porcupine, Ont.), L/Fmn. Wilfred A. Parent (Ottawa), L/Fmn. William A. Rowles (Long Branch, Ont.), Fmn. Arnold Bronson (Beebe, P.Q.), L/Fmn. Yves C. Cam (Port Colborne, Ont.), L/Fmn. Isidore F. Cam (Port Colborne, Ont.). Portsmouth Sec. Ldr. Charles F. Hopkinson (Calgary), L/Fmn. Howard E. McPherson (Niagara Falls, Ont.), Fmn. J. Barbeau (Ottawa), Fmn. Edward Burney (Vancouver), Sen. Fmn. Robert W. Ferguson (Windsor, Ont.).


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