Corp Of Canadian FireFighters in England During WW II


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September 11th, 2001
God Bless The Firefighters
Part IX . . . Other Fire Fighters

LFM T82 Stewart Alexander McKenna

Alex McKenna and Wife Marie

From left to right.
LFM T253 Paterson,Winnipeg, Man, LFM T284 Ferguson,Windsor,Ont, CoyO T31 Thornton,Widsor,Ont, LFM T110 Blackmore,Lefroy,Ont, LFM T82 McKenna,Long Branch,Ont, SL T255 Gray, Winnipeg, Man, LFM T313 Mulvagh,Ottawa. Ont, LFM T256 Barbeau,Ottawa,Ont, LFM T351 Scaddan,Wilkie, Sask, LFM T240 Crawfor, Oshawa,Ont, SL T416 McConnell,Oshawa,Ont,
LFM T259 Balfour,Trai,BC, CoyO T266 Holden,Vancouver,BC, SL T343 Leonard,London,Ont, FM T223 Campbell,Toronto,Ont, SL T196 Beatie,London<ont, LFM T267 MacMurphy,Kenora,Ont, LFM T274 Riddle,Thorold,Ont, FM T250 Furniss,London,Ont, LFM T273 McPherson,Stamford,Ont, LFM T243 Hood,Winnipeg,Man, LFM T322 Allen Toronto,Ont.

LFM T82 Alex McKenna, is the 4th man in the front rank facing the camara.

My dad's crew with T82 LFM S.A McKenna 4th man from the left. I am still trying to identify the others.




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